ASAM Economic contribution analysis

What is ASAM? The short of it: it is an Excel Application that facilitates economic contribution analysis of an industry sector. It does this by taking data from a source like IMPLAN (not included) and transparently calculates base economic output, employment, wages and value added. The code can be downloaded […]

Koontz v. St. Johns (2013) – how US communities combat externalities…

Good schools, clean water, effective sewage treatment, road maintenance, great parks & recreation facilities: communities that score well on this are the desirable, “livable” [1]This is becoming even more important in preparing for an aging society, as AARP’s recently released “livability-index” illustrates. places with growing economies[2]Richard Florida, Charlotta Mellander, and […]

Community investments…

Tell me where you think this city is located. “The roadside trash cans are covered with solar photovoltaic panels so they can light up at night; free electric buses connect different districts; the drainage wells for storm water are all embedded in the curbs. […] The pavement is laid with […]

Bootstrapping rural economies

Take two local economies with the same population, the same climate and natural resources, the same export industries (the ones that bring outside money into the community) – be it tourism, or a manufacturing plant selling to other regions. One is successful and vibrant, the other on the brink of […]